Different Types of Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin changed the world and the use of digital currency and investments. It’s been a few years now since the introduction and things are still looking great for those who made the move to invest. The popularity of cryptocurrency was so popular that many other alternative coins became available aside from Bitcoin. Learn more about some of the most popular types of those currencies and determine which is best suited for your needs.


Ether is one of the most popular types of currency available today. It is usually referred to by the name of the network, Ethereum. Those who are investing in Ether are among the first to get in on this altcoin investment opportunity as it is still one of the newest to be released to date. There is a $95 billion market capitalization surrounding Ether.


Cardo is an alt currency that has a $14 billion market capitalization. This form of coins allows exchange and transfer of funds digitally. The system can even run a variety of applications for financial data. Financial inclusion is the Cardano claim to fame.



Bitcoin is another of the currency options that you can pick from. This currency has a current market capitalization value of $9.6 billion. It is similar to Bitcoin and was designed as such.  The biggest advantage of using Litecoin is the amount of time that it saves. While the average currency translation takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, Bitcoin takes an average of only 2.5 minutes.


Stellar has an $8.1 billion market capitalization value. The purpose of this currency is saving more money. Jed McCaleb designed the platform and sold the first bitcoin exchange system. After Stellar, he also designed Ripple.


IOTA, or the Internet of Things Application, has a $6.6 billion market capitalization value. Connected devices of the future are the focus of IOTA, anticipating that the number of devices will increase. It is a quick, easy-to use system that delivers the results that you want without adding on any fees.

Using one of the currency platforms listed above is advantageous for anyone looking to join a digital industry and make great things happen. This is only a partial list of the various alt currency options available for investors.  Consider each, as well as the additional wallets and services, and you will find the product that fully capacitates your needs.